Monday, January 10, 2011

Get File Statistics Using fn_virtualfilestats

From below given Query -
you will get many valuable information like what is the size of the file as well how many times the reads and writes are done for each file. It also displays the read/write data in bytes. Due to IO if there has been any stall (delay) in read or write, you can know that as well.

SELECT DB_NAME(vfs.DbId) DatabaseName,,
mf.physical_name, vfs.BytesRead, vfs.BytesWritten,
vfs.IoStallMS, vfs.IoStallReadMS, vfs.IoStallWriteMS,
vfs.NumberReads, vfs.NumberWrites,
(Size*8)/1024 Size_MB
FROM ::fn_virtualfilestats(NULL,NULL) vfs
INNER JOIN sys.master_files mf ON mf.database_id = vfs.DbId
AND mf.FILE_ID = vfs.FileId

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